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Help prevent disease and deforestation by buying a school a filter

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A lack of access to clean and safe drinking water is a leading cause of illness among children in the Mara region. When children become sick, they miss school and it can have a long-term impact on that child's education. Too often students fall behind from repeated illness and eventually drop out or fail out of school.

While boiling water is an effective way to eliminate dangerous microbes from water, it requires a fuel source. 98% of families in rural parts of the Mara region rely on firewood and over time it has had a devastating impact on the environment. Most of the old growth trees have been cut down and soil erosion is now an issue.

Thanks to an ingenious process of combining clay, sawdust, and colloidal silver, a low-cost ceramic filter can be made that removes pathogens without any additional energy input. Launched in 2017, the Safe Water Mugango project is a women's owned social-enterprise that manufactures these ceramic water filters and high-efficiency stoves. The women in Mugango are not only fighting waterborne illness in their surrounding communities, they are also helping to prevent further environmental degradation. The profits from the business also allow the women to pay school fees and provide for their families.

By purchasing a water filter on behalf of a school in the Mara region, you are helping to provide clean water to hundreds of children and also supporting a sustainable social-enterprise. Please consider giving the gift of health and wealth to families in the Mara region.