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4H Career Pathways

Support Exploration and Learning Outside the Classroom

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The 4H Career Pathways program works with students and teachers in both primary and secondary schools to engage in the practical application of lessons that are taught in the classroom. The extracurricular clubs also engage students in important life lessons such as:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Financial Literacy
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship
  • Business Development and Management

The program uses the 4H Tanzania framework and is modeled off of the Education System Center at Northern Illinois University's career pathways program. In addition to the program touching on personal health and wellness, it also engages students in career exploration. As students move through the program in primary school, they begin learning about the concept of a career and identifying their own strengths and interests. Students in secondary school clubs begin to dive deeper into the skills and education that they will need to pursue a self-identified career pathway.

Donations to the 4H Career Pathways program support the following:

  • Club materials and resources that students need to gain hands-on experience
  • Stipends for teachers to coordinate and manage the clubs
  • Bi-annual training seminars for teachers
  • A portion of the 4H Career Pathways program coordinator salary

If you have questions about the 4H Career Pathways program or would like to find out more about how you can travel to Tanzania to work directly with a club, please contact us at info@tdsnfp.org.