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Rose and Karl Willmann Scholarship Fund

For $900 a year, you can change the future for a gifted girl in the Mara region.

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The Rose and Karl Willmann Scholarship Fund

In the Mara region of Tanzania, the odds are stacked against girls in their pursuit of education. Economic, environmental, and societal pressures often lead girls to dropping out of school. Research has shown that girls who complete secondary school have healthier and better educated families, but in rural Tanzania less than 5% of girls will complete their secondary education. Despite the government's efforts to improve access to secondary education by waiving school fees, the public school system still lacks adequate resources for gifted students to excel.

Nyegina Secondary School is a private boarding school that has a reputation for excellence and is equipped with full science labs, a community library, and modern dormitory. The school is also certified as an advanced secondary school in science and mathematics tracts. There are students in the villages surrounding Nyegina that qualify to attend, but their families are unable to afford the cost of tuition and boarding.

In 2018, TDS launched the Rose and Karl Willmann Scholarship Fund to support high-achieving girls in their pursuit of a quality education. Willmann Scholars are girls that come from low-income households and have scored in the highest level (Division 1) on the Primary School Leaving Exam. Qualifying girls are also interviewed by a panel of community leaders to determine character and motivation. If selected, girls are provided with a full scholarship to attend Nyegina Secondary School.

By becoming a contributor to the Rose and Karl Willmann Scholarship Fund, you are helping change the future for dozens of gifted girls in the Mara. A full scholarship is $900 annually and covers all the expenses for a girl to attend Nyegina Secondary. Sponsors are now able to make monthly donations to fund a full or partial scholarship. To setup a monthly recurring donation, select a donation amount and select monthly for frequency of donations. If you would prefer to make a single annual payment, set frequency to annual and enter $900 under 'choose your own amount'. If you have questions or would prefer to provide a one-time donation via check, please contact Executive Director, Jason Michnick, at